Victoria Fenton – Founder & Integrative Medicine Consultant

Victoria Fenton

Founder & Integrative Medicine Consultant
Trained in Functional Medicine by the Kresser Institute, Victoria is also a Naturopath and Nutritionist who has run a full-time Integrative Medicine practice for a little over 4 years. Prior to this Victoria offered Nutrition and Naturopathic guidance for almost 5 years whilst working as an Executive Assistant in London.

However, Victoria’s interest in healthcare began long before she began in practice.

At 17, Victoria experienced her own health crisis. Nine years later – after many misdiagnoses and some alarming experiences within the conventional medical world – Victoria learned that she has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), Classic Type. This is a genetic connective tissue disorder – just one of many on a ‘spectrum’ of connective tissue problems – which for Victoria affects many of her internal organs and vasculature, hormone and nervous system functions (as well as giving her flexible joints).

Ultimately, Victoria was diagnosed with what is known as the ‘Trifecta’ – EDS, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Sydrome (or POTS, which causes almost permanent dizziness due to issues with blood pressure) and Mast Cell Activation Disorder (or MCAD, which indicates a highly reactive immune system and the triggering of widespread reactions and inflammation upon exposure to minor stimuli). She was also identified as having non-coeliac-gluten-sensitivity, kryptopyrrole syndrome (or Pyroluria) and global hormonal suppression.

Victoria’s journey through many medical investigations led to numerous mis-diagnoses, psychiatric assessments, 5 separate hospitalisations – and drastic weight loss which nearly cost her her life.

But what is perhaps more relevant is that even with her eventual diagnoses, conventional medicine was still at a loss and could not offer real solutions. Nobody knew how to help or what to suggest – except medications to which she would react violently and which would cause side effects.

It was this reality that led Victoria to study medicine more closely – and with conventional disciplines yielding few answers she finally highlighted upon Functional, or Integrative, Medicine. Its explanation of systems biology fitted with her experience and suited her analytical mind, and she gained a comprehensive understanding of biochemistry that matched her own instinctive awareness of the body.

Integrative/Functional Medicine is based on the understanding that the body is simply a set of systems which interact. Flaws in one system, or with the communication between systems, will have ripple effects throughout the body and ultimately create illness.

Applying what she had learned, Victoria corrected her own biochemical imbalances, implemented dietary approaches (after much experimentation and study around food compounds, nutrients, digestion and immune health) and identified how to live inside her body – so much so that she has put POTS, MCAD and kryptopyrrole syndrome into remission.

Aware of how much investigation Victoria had had to do in order to find her own answers, people started coming to Victoria for advice – and this is where her professional practice began. Ultimately when she began providing diagnostic testing services and nutritional services for her employers and their associates within the City, Victoria realised that she had to share her knowledge – and moreover, help others who could not get the help they needed from the conventional system.

To complement her Functional Medicine training, Victoria completed extensive professional qualifications in Nutrition Specialisms, Naturopathy, genetics and epigenetics (with Apeiron.zoh), hormones and endocrinology (including interpretation and application of DUTCH testing in clinical practice), digestive health and Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth, autoimmune diseases, immunology, women’s health, brain microbiome and neurodegenerative conditions. She is a constant student of leading professionals but has also branched out to work with pioneers in the field of psycho-neuro-immunology as well as various fields of energy medicine.

In addition to her Functional Medicine training, during the years of mis-diagnoses Victoria also studied energy medicine disciplines and psychotherapy – including kinesiology, Chinese Medicine, herbalism, EFT, CBT, NLP, coaching, specialist psychiatry and more. Victoria’s practice therefore combines an awareness of all of these approaches, interweaving the worlds of biochemistry, psychology and emotion – and acknowledging both Eastern and Western understandings of health.

Given everything she has been through personally, and professionally studied, Victoria has a very unique way of helping people to understand their bodies, their illnesses and the ‘why’ behind their struggles. She guides her patients to comprehend, accept, transform and move beyond their illness to achieve vitality and wellness – prioritising the functioning of the nervous system: the communication network between all physiological systems.

Victoria is a member of the Federation for Nutritional Therapists and the IAHNLP – and she also works collaboratively with medical professionals, structural experts, acupuncturists, psychiatrists and psychotherapeutic specialists to offer a rounded and comprehensive network of assistance to her patients.