Collaborative Health – Teamwork, For You

No man is an island – and everyone deserves a support team…

At VFH our ‘secret sauce’ is that we have an interconnected team of professionals who collaborate, discuss and enthuse about all of our clients and all of our cases. We know that we all have unique tools – but that together, we are stronger and can offer more support. This is why we know we can work with everyone, no matter the starting point. From those with chronic illnesses to those who want to compete in an Ironman – our team have the skills and work together to take you to where you want to be.


Digging Deeper

Our team want to understand your ‘why’, comprehend what blocks you and work with you to really get to the bottom of any issues you are facing. As such, we start with a thorough health evaluation with one of our Integrative Medicine professionals who work to understand the puzzle pieces you need from what we offer to maximally support your progress. We explain our services in detail and compile a comprehensive, bespoke healthcare support plan with you.

Connected Care

Our internal systems mean that the healthcare professionals working with you can communicate with each other about your progress; keeping notes and sharing ideas. Our patient portal allows you to join in the conversation and have access to your professionals and all of your data, keeping a diary of your work with us. If you’re a biometric tracked client we have the latest dashboards so your coaches can check on your progress at all times.

Outsourced Wellness

Our team make it our job to be on top of evolutions in the medical and healthcare fields. We are constantly researching, updating our knowledge – and members of our team are coaches, trainers and lecturing experts in their fields. We therefore believe that you can outsource your health to us: whether you have specific goals, issues you’re trying to get over, or just need to know you can call on us for help at any time. Whatever your needs, we have the package for you.