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Have a look around our “What We Do“ Menu and you will understand the way in which our team work. We work with all types of patients who have a wide variety of goals. Our job is to deliver the healthcare that you need – and below we give you an insight into how – and who – we can help.

Diagnostic Testing

We offer comprehensive diagnostic testing services – from blood tests to genetics, epigenetics, nutrients, hormones, detoxification, biome analysis – and more. Whilst we can access a plethora of our tests – our professionals are here to design the right test package for you.

Bespoke Nutrition Support

If you’re lost in the world of nutrition – with conflicting diets being recommended – and don’t know who to trust, we offer nutritional guidance which identifies the unique dietary approach to suit you using genetics, epigenetic understanding and our experts in gut health and digestion.

Health Coaching

A big part of health – whether from illness to healthy, or from healthy to optimised – is a mindset game. Some of our team are trained coaches in addition to their discipline – and we have expert performance and life coaches to help you engage with your health process and embrace the journey towards change.

Chronic Illnesses

At VFH we don’t like disease labelling because naming something doesn’t lead to solutions. We are a forward-focused, solutions-oriented practice. And because we understand the body as a network of interconnected systems, to us, any ‘chronic illness’ only exists through either a fault in a system, or in its connectedness to the whole. Our team are expert in improving systems biology in order to resolve and help you move forward through any chronic illness, irrespective of its label.

Performance Goals

Many people today have performance goals, athletic dreams or just a vision of being ‘fitter’. Our team can help you get there… in a healthy way. We can guide you towards the most beneficial ways to achieve your ambitions and we can support your physiology even if your goals are not conventionally thought of as ‘healthy’. We have connections with leading gyms and personal trainers, as well as performance coaches in-house. Whatever your goal, we can help you achieve it.

Health Optimisation

Everyone has the right to feel amazing and perform to their absolute best in everything they do. We have many tools, techniques, gadgets and toys at our disposal to help you feel good – but we also believe that optimised wellness emerges when you are living in accordance with your biochemical and emotional needs. Our job is to help you access innate alignment of physiological strength and emotional resilience, to facilitate the expression of optimised, vital health.

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