• C. F.
    “Wow, listened to your podcast with Alex Manos last night, sooo much insightful info from you.
    Every time I read or listen to something you have said it explains so much about what we have gone through. So thank you again for this.”
  • G. H.


    “Hello Victoria,

    You probably don’t remember me, I visited you in London Clinic of Nutrition – I was told I might have MS without any tests and I turned to the clinic for help. I’m writing because I wanted to say Thank you one more time. You healed my life in more ways you can imagine and I am eternally grateful! I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart!

    Kind regards,

  • D. F.


    “I’m feeling so much better already. The rash on my hand has cleared up, flushing is not happening after food, no bloating and I feel calm.  Onwards and upwards!”

  • K. W.


    “I came across Victoria by chance on a Facebook forum for autoimmune issues. I’d been battling chronic fatigue and gut issues for over eight years. I had seen various doctors and many nutritionists over the years with varying diagnosis and treatments. Never with any lasting or real results. Prior to finding Victoria I had been seeing a well known Harley Street functional doctor who had diagnosed me with an autoimmune thyroid issue (which it turns out I don’t have) and had given me antibiotics for the SIBO I knew I had. Nothing he did made any difference and I had given up the idea that I would ever feel truly well.

    After my initial consultation with Victoria I implemented her recommendations and within a few weeks I felt like a different person! Over time I have been able reintroduce previously problematic foods and my energy has improved so much that I have been able to go to exercise classes at my local gym. Something I thought I would never be able to do again. I have been able to focus clearly when working and I have been calm and happy in my personal life. To put it simply, I am myself again! Words cannot express how grateful I am to Victoria. She is a dedicated practitioner who clearly keeps up with current, relevant research and practices. This dedication has given me my life back.”

  • Emma


    “I am so glad I found Victoria! Although she does not live nearby, our initial Skype consultation was very easy, successful in communicating in both directions, and wide-ranging. She appears very well trained and informed.

    She is easy to talk to, empathetic, intelligent and articulate. She has not skimped on sharing helpful advice, in fact she has been extremely generous and thorough with her time.

    She has been very helpful when navigating choices around testing, treatments and supplements and above all where financial outlay was concerned.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending her.”


  • T. S.


    “Victoria has given me an amazing service, in that she has not only cleared my SIBO as desired but she has taken the time and energy on working with my emotional health as well.  With her extreme knowledge, expert skills, guidance and most of all, care of me as an individual, I have gained far more from our sessions than I thought possible and this has put me in good stead for my mind-body connection for the future.”


  • S. K.


    “My experience with Victoria to date has been fantastic. Not only am I finally addressing the root causes of my digestive issues but she also offers the emotional support which is almost equally as important. Conscious of your character, financial situation and seriously knows her stuff when it comes to the horrors of digestion.”



  • A. D.


    “I contacted Victoria in November 2017 for helping me to stabilise my auto immune disease.

    I tried many dieticians and nutritionists in the past and Victoria is a one-of-a-kind nutritionist! She portrays a very high level of professionalism, compassion and sincerity with clients. Her comprehensive approach and in depth personalised assessment  make her a very unique dietitian/nutritionist. She firmly believes in eating right based on your condition and using the highest quality nutritional supplements available, thereby giving her clients the ability to improve health.”


  • Dawn


    “Victoria is an absolute star!  I am literally so grateful that I found her.  She is very down to earth and I just felt instantly comfortable with her and somehow knew that I could trust her and her judgement implicitly.  What is so reassuring for me is that she has such incredible wealth of knowledge in her area and is able to look at things in such a scientific way, but also has this wonderful ability to think holistically and view things from a psychological perspective too.  I love also that she is a forward thinker and so unbelievably passionate about her work.  Victoria truly is a fantastic listener, and so exceptionally observant and intuitive.   She also literally has the memory of an elephant (I do not know how she does it)!  She is extremely professional, and way beyond supportive.  I feel very lucky to finally be in such capable hands.”



  • L. L.


    “I am so impressed at how you navigated the parent-teenager dynamic and spoke to both of us and the real issues, very pragmatically. You have a fan in my son – in respect of there being a middle way RE: diet.

    Thank you.”


  • Nadia


    “Thanks so much for your report and for taking the time to write it – it’s so thorough and such a good reference point. It made me quite emotional reading it through as a lot of the time my mental chatter tells me that its all in my head and I need to just pull my socks up and stop feeling hung over and foggy and achey and it will go away. So its good to see it all written down and know I have some physical stuff to address and that its ok to not feel like myself/recognise myself right now…

    Long story short, it is interesting and so empowering to understand what is going on… So thank you for your approach – I’m so grateful for it.”



  • Naomi


    “Thank you so much for this. Both the consultation and the report have been genuinely helpful. There is just the right balance of being plenty to work on without it feeling overwhelming. More than anything I appreciate your compassion and understanding, and the fact that I’ve come away from consulting you feeling good about myself. As I know you understand, it’s incredibly important having someone recognise the efforts you’ve put in and assuring you that they have been worthwhile.

    In nearly 30 years of illness, it has been sadly rare to find any practitioner that has treated me with genuine respect. (Another practitioner) and you are really the only ones who have allowed me to trust my own instincts and to give me faith in my own judgement. I know I don’t need to tell you what that means. Incidentally, you might find it helpful to know that it is worth you writing your blog. I’m not sure if that’s something you enjoy doing or if it ever feels like a chore, but it was an important part of me choosing to consult you again. Although I found you very understanding when we spoke before, I tend to find that over time, when I haven’t spoken to someone for a while, my default wariness of any professionals tends to reassert itself. Your weekly blog arriving in my inbox, even though I tend to only skim the articles, helped remind me that you were someone with a great deal of insight and understanding. It was like a regular gentle nudge that this was a direction worth taking.

    Thank you again.”



  • Victoria


    “I shared my results and your report with my GP and she was both impressed and very supportive of the plan. My (private) GP is used to working with FM nutritionists so if you need anything prescribed she’d do it but was very happy with your protocol that you’d put together for me.

    Thank you for debunking the myths! It’s hard when you try to educate yourself but find lots of misleading information too. I really appreciate your answers – I’m batting off questions from well wishers aka family/friends 🙈  I know my case is complex so nothing has been suggested by accident, I just didn’t know the why’s and how to answer them!”

    Some 5 weeks after commencing treatment, Victoria followed up with me. She had made remarkable progress and sent me the following message the night of our follow-up consultation:

    Direct quote from my Dad tonight on his 60th birthday “seeing you looking so well is the very best present” 🙂



  • Christie


    “Your blog really moved me again this week. Your messages resonate and are so important for me to hear. I really appreciate your wholistic, common-sense approach to food issues. Once again, I felt as if you were speaking directly to me and telling me exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you for your whole-person, mind/body approach! Please know how very much I appreciate you and what you do! After our work together, I’m now working on my anxiety. Hopefully, over time, this will help calm my hyperactive nervous system and enable me to change my mindset about food. With gratitude.”



  • Becky


    “Wow! I am truly impressed with this report. Unbelievably comprehensive and helpful. Thank you! I’m going to have to read it a few times to properly digest it all but it has already given me a lot of great stuff to action which is brilliant. It’s like detective work for the body, almost!

    I also have two friends with various gut related issues that I am going to refer to you. Also, if there is somewhere I can leave you a written recommendation please let me know.”