Mindset Medicine – the Psychology of Health

Move through the process of healing by changing your mindset.

Understanding the body and mind and how our perception of the external influences the manifestation and experience of illness and symptoms.


Shift Your Perception

Reshape the way you see the world, your body, nutrition, your history and yourself.

Change Internal Dialogues

Alter the way you speak to yourself about who you are, your body, your health and your life.

Transform Your Frameworks

Revolutionise your mental filters of the world to change the way you experience it.

What Is Mindset Medicine?

Change your world by Changing Your Perceptions.

We have all heard that’s it’s not what happens to you in life, it’s how you deal with it.  But how can you catch your thoughts and shift your perception – and what effect does that have on your health?

When we promote our approach to Mindset Medicine we are very aware that many people who have suffered from chronic illnesses are forever being told that it is “all in your mind”.  This is disempowering because it feels as if our identities and personalities are being criticised for making us unwell.

Mindset Medicine is different. It is about making compassionate attempts to understand our experience and frame our perception of reality to empower our healing journey rather than detract from or derail it. It is not about saying that your mind has caused your illness. Instead, it is about recognising that without the right Mindset, a ‘cure’ will be impossible to find.

We work with our clients to shift the way they view and think about their body and their illness.  We teach our clients how to catch and transform thought patterns to alter the way they think about themselves, their symptoms and their pain. Without blame or recrimination, our techniques encourage mindful awareness of our mental realm, which has profound biochemical and physical effects.

The mind has such a profound impact on the nervous system that it can be used to leverage the interconnectedness of our physiology. The nervous system drives so much of our physiology – therefore understanding and transforming our mental frameworks and patterns can alter the way our biochemistry behaves. By comprehending and working within the bi-directional relationship between mental thoughts and our physiology we help our clients to transform their health by working with beliefs, mental patterns and perception.

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