Appointments & Fees

We are currently completely revising our packages and offerings. For existing clients, consultations will continue at the same prices. For New Clients you are still welcome to book an Initial Consultation whilst we change our packages over. Just email us to find out more.

Initial Functional Medicine Consultation


75-90 Minutes – Virtual or London Clinics
  • A 75-90 min consultation with a Integrative Medicine Expert will include taking a complete case history & a lengthy discussion of your symptoms & health goals. You will make a strategy with your practitioner within the consult – and you will receive a very detailed report with an overview of your case & rationale for treatment, along with complete Testing, Treatment, Nutrition & Lifestyle Recommendations (see sample above).

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Follow-Up Functional Medicine Consultations


Follow-Up Consultations – 30-60 mins
  • Follow Up Consultations will explore test results (45 mins minimum), discuss progress, test implications & treatment strategies. Post-consultation you will receive a Summary Report & Treatment Protocol, as required. We also may refer you within our team to other professionals – all will be discussed during your consult. Request the time you think you need – we only invoice for the time taken, virtual 30 min consults starting at £135.

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