Appointments & Fees

Clinic Update

All of our Consultations are now being processed through our new business, and with our new team – over at Aletheia. We have a vast array of services now available, all headed by Victoria Fenton and built upon the ethos and work you have found on this site.

Initial Functional Medicine Consultation


75-90 Minutes – Virtual or London Clinics
  • A 75-90 min consultation with a Integrative Medicine Expert will include taking a complete case history & a lengthy discussion of your symptoms & health goals. You will make a strategy with your practitioner within the consult – and you will receive a very detailed report with an overview of your case & rationale for treatment, along with complete Testing, Treatment, Nutrition & Lifestyle Recommendations (see sample above).

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Follow-Up Functional Medicine Consultations


Follow-Up Consultations – 30-60 mins
  • Follow Up Consultations will explore test results (45 mins minimum), discuss progress, test implications & treatment strategies. Post-consultation you will receive a Summary Report & Treatment Protocol, as required. We also may refer you within our team to other professionals – all will be discussed during your consult. Request the time you think you need – we only invoice for the time taken, virtual 30 min consults starting at £135.

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