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Where Are We Based?

In-Person & Virtual Consultations

In 2020, Victoria is changing her business and moving to an integrated clinic which she has founded: Aletheia. Victoria and the team work globally – meaning that if she’s in your country, she can see you in person at a choice of your choosing (most commonly London, UK; Cape Town, SA; Austin, Texas, USA). However, the majority of her consultations are conducted online – with a full service being offered through Aletheia.

Why Choose Our Services?

Why Victoria Fenton Healthcare?

You can read all about Victoria’s history and training on her About Page. Having spent much time as a patient and as a clinician, Victoria knows how challenging this journey can be and brings complete respect and honesty into her client relationships – moving you forward by helping you to find strength in your own health, whilst being relentlessly pragmatic, yet thoroughly compassionate, about routes to wellness.

Victoria Fenton Healthcare is a truly integrated network of practitioners. We choose outstanding practitioners in their field to work with – offering a comprehensive, holistic support structure. Within Victoria Fenton Healthcare, we believe that a ‘team’ of practitioners is far greater than the sum of its individual parts – and true healing can occur when rounded, complimentary support is offered. Any patient seen by practitioners affiliated to Victoria Fenton Healthcare benefits from a multidisciplinary team who will discuss their case and work together to achieve outcomes.

Can You Just Do Some Tests?

Comprehensive Testing and Diagnostics

Sometimes clients know what tests they want and just want to start with information acquisition. We fully understand that and are more than happy to order tests for clients, with or without an initial consultation. We do insist on making sure that the test being requested is one that we feel is both appropriate and supportive to improving clinical decisions, but are always happy to chat to you if you feel that testing is the place you want to start. We also offer a testing interpretation service for those who just want some guidance on tests already received.

Do You Have To Commit To A Package With Us?

One-Off Consultations

At Victoria Fenton Healthcare – you get A LOT from an Initial Consultation. We know that some people just need nudging onto the right track with their health, or don’t have the finances to commit to a packaged plan – and moreover, we aim to provide as much help as we can from the outset to support the changes our clients need to make. Whilst we love dealing with clients as part of a regular consults package – particularly when it comes to coaching, counselling and emotional therapies – our one-off consultations can be booked on an ad-hoc basis to provide the support needed – whether you are a first-time client, or someone we have seen previously who feels they need more help at any time.

Can We Heal You?

What We Really Offer

We all have something to offer every single person we come across in life. Our aim at Victoria Fenton Healthcare is to provide exceptional service and give as much advice and knowledge as is relevant to everyone who seeks assistance from us. That said, sometimes we are not the people, with the right key, to resolve every person’s issues. We am never afraid to end client relationships if they are not proving productive – refunding any ‘package’ costs un-used and typically referring on to other professionals better suited to that client’s needs. We work collaboratively with a network of clinicians to ensure that we are serving our clients in the best way possible – and our clients’ needs are always the first priority.

Professional Memberships and Insurance

Are You Insured?

Yes – we am fully insured to practice with Hiscox Professional Indemnity Insurance

PolicyBee professional insurance broker

Are You A Member of Any Institutions?

Victoria is a member of the The Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners and The International Association of Hypnotherapists and NLP Practitioners.

Some people ask why she is not registered with BANT or other Nutritional Association within the UK. The reasons are many – but simply put, her qualifications are mainly from American trainings and extensive, self-directed study. She is not a graduate from one of the UK-based nutritional programs, and is not a doctor who could register with a medical governing body. Instead, she adheres to the guidelines and codes of professional conduct at the FNTP – and voluntarily actively maintains “CPD” education – both for her own interest and out of a fascination with healthcare, and a desire to continually offer the best and most up-to-date treatments possible to her clients.

More than this, Victoria voluntarily governs the whole of the Victoria Fenton Healthcare practice along stringent medical guidelines – with associated privacy policies and rules around data and confidentiality – all of which can be viewed on this page here.

How Can You Contact Us?
+44 7815 967646

Need More Help?

If you’re still unsure, you have questions or you just want to check that we can definitely help in your situation, please reach out today.