Testing & Tracking – Objective Biometrics

Genetics, epigenetics, biochemistry, nutritional status, hormone profiles, gut health…

Our team have access to elite medical tests which reveal your genetic blueprint, biochemical and nutritional status, biological age (the ‘age’ of your DNA) and more. We pair that with state-of-the-art tracking devices and dashboards which allow us to monitor your data, map your progress and optimise your wellbeing, moment by moment. We extensively screen and continually update our tests to ensure we offer only those with value, clinical relevance and the potential to determine your bespoke healthcare protocols.


Why Use Tests, Why Track Data?

What your data reveals about you and why that matters.

At VFH, we come from Functional and Integrative Medicine foundations. These means that we approach healthcare from a root-cause and systems-based perspective. All of our professionals work from the perspective that the body is an integrated network of interlinked and constantly interacting systems.   Optimisation – whether from the perspective of healing from illness, or maximally enhancing your wellbeing – requires understanding the foundations. This is why we test, measure and track. All human beings are unique individuals. What diminishes vitality in one person is nourishment to the next. In order to build bespoke, curated and completely individual healthcare plans, we need to know our start point – and how each intervention affect each client’s physiology.

We use the data we gather for you to enable us to empower you: precisely, specifically and to maximum effect. And then we track our work, monitor our progress and chart your progression to make sure that we are always helping you progress, heal, evolve and optimise.