Systems Medicine – Interconnected Health

Health emerges when all of the systems of the human body are functioning optimally and communicating effectively.

From correctly interpreting and relaying the messages of external inputs, to mastering adequate, appropriate and adaptive responses from internal functions; human beings are built to mount system-wide responses to experience. Ensuring correct internal functioning and communication allows for resilience, optimal responses and anti-fragile adaptation to life. Everything we do at VFH is designed to optimise systems, and their communication.


What Is Systems Medicine?

At VFH all of our work revolves around the nervous system and its messages.

The reason we work from the nervous system is difficult to explain in brief, but it forms much of the narrative of everything we do – so if you take a look on our blog or through our pages here, you will see that we talk about health being an emergent property when there is harmony between your body, mind and emotions, and when you are in synchronous flow with the world around you.

Everything within this explanation is referring to the nervous system. It regulates our inner world and the harmony between systems, it helps us to comprehend, adapt and respond to the stimuli from the outer world. The nervous system orients us within ourselves, and within our reality.

Every message sent around and through your body – every hormone, neurotransmitter, immune messenger, every thought and emotion – is influenced by, and influences, the nervous system.

Whilst systems biology is a well-worn phrase, so often within Functional and Integrative Medicine circles this causes reductionism, with professionals focusing on just ONE system (digestive system, hormone/endocrine system, detoxification systems etc.).

At VFH we can (and do) work with all of these systems – and we’re experts in harmonising individual organ structures and what goes on inside them. However, we ALWAYS go one step further. We comprehend that optimised systems also need to feedback and receive messages from the brain: the central processing organ of the body.

We also recognise that systems which are manifesting dis-ease developed dis-ease for a reason. Our job may be to resolve the dis-ease – but we do this by identifying and working on the reasons behind the dis-ease’s development. This, almost always, involves the nervous system and either failed adaptation to the environment or failed communication between brain/body/reality.

We therefore use a top-down, inside-out, bottom-up complexity of approach wherein we work on symptom resolution AT THE SAME TIME as optimising system communications (the nervous system) to ensure that body and mind are communicating, and that all systems are being effectively managed, relative to the environment, by the brain.

This is why we combine testing (identifying problem areas and ways to optimise) with nutrition and supplementation, alongside chiropractic support (fundamental for the nervous system). Then we add in psychological and behavioural coaching (because the mind can influence the nervous system) alongside the more energetic disciplines which can salve an overexcited nervous system response. Holistically, we essentially support the whole being. By allowing the nervous system to do its job without interruption or obstruction, the body is empowered to return to its state of optimal health.