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Discover your perfect diet.

There is no such thing as “a perfect diet“ – but personalised dietary optimisation does exist. Our approach to nutrition and supplementation uses genetic and diagnostic testing alongside clinical evaluations to design and optimise your bespoke optimal nutrition and supplement regimens, based on your unique physiology and goals.



Using proprietary DNA array technology, our team are trained to deliver coaching based on your genetic blueprint. However, we know that genes are not the whole story. Our nutrition guidelines are therefore genetically AND epigenetically appropriate, i.e. we consider your DNA AND your individual life factors which affect metabolism, digestion, food preference and capacity to make nutritional changes.


At VFH we recommend only high quality, practitioner grade supplements. We are very selective, targeted and focused in our approach and explicitly clear on WHY we recommend each supplement. Our reports hyperlink to where you can purchase your recommended supplements, or our Managed Service option means that you can let us do all the hard work, arranging for your supplements to be delivered to you.

Food Relationships

At VFH we can support with anyone who has historic issues with food: whether through digestive distress or emotional and mental conflicts with eating and diet. Our approach is one of deep support and compassion towards those for whom eating has become a battleground. Our plans are designed to meet you where you are, and our team work together to support you in your attempts at nutritional change.

Nutrition & Diet

How important is your diet?

At VFH we know that nutrition and plentiful nutrients are fundamental to health. But we also recognise that our relationship to food, nourishment and our body will directly affect digestion, assimilation and utilisation of nutrients.

At VFH, food and nutrition is a key area of focus because, as we all know, the food we eat provides the raw materials for all elements of human function.

We are also gut health experts – and we are trained extensively in healing gastrointestinal issues. We know that the gut is foundational in terms of inflammation, neurological agitation and the ability to liberate all of the nutrients we can from the food we eat, ensuring better functioning all round.

However, our team approach nutrition as supportive, not curative. We do NOT believe that Food Is Medicine; we know that food and nourishment is a part of wellness, but it is not everything. It certainly is not an insurance policy against illness, and rarely does avoidance of food completely resolve health issues.

Our team are also supremely mindful that other elements can colour our nutrient absorption and reactivity to certain foods: namely the priming of the nervous and immune systems due to excessive mental fears and phobias about certain foodstuffs, ingredients or food behaviours. We therefore know that whilst restrictive diets can be tools, they are not final answers – especially if they themselves create stress and food phobias which reinforce neurological/immune reactivity.

We therefore work fastidiously with clients to optimise their nutrition – but we actually care more about mindset and emotional relationships to food. We know that so many life events can knock these relationships off-kilter, so when we are working with our clients we listen carefully to ensure that food choices are being made with the right motivation. Our goal is simple:

We guide our clients towards consuming the broadest and most nourishing diet possible which supports both physiological and emotional wellbeing, whilst also fuelling any realistic physical goals the client may have.

We are also very experienced in helping those who are now supreme reactors to all foods, supplements etc. and are happy to talk to you if you would like to benefit from our work but are unsure whether our team will be able to help you.