Nutrition Coaching – The Building Blocks of Health

Unlock your nutritional freedom.

Physical and emotional issues with food are complex, interwoven and challenging. I work with my clients to build effective and nurturing nutritional styles, holding rules and restrictions lightly, basing health in the foundations of self-awareness and trust in the body.


Dietary Protocols

Helping you find the right nutrition to reduce inflammation, sensitivity and reactivity, I also empower clients to move beyond restrictive diets and truly heal.

Food Relationships

Uncover what contributes to the way you feel about food, eating, your digestive and immune wellbeing and learn how it directly impacts symptoms, digestion and health.

Physical Acceptance

Learn how to build a deep physical acceptance of the reality of your health. Witness how this self-awareness and self-love has a profound effect on your body’s capacity to heal.

Nutrition & Diet

The building blocks for Good Health.

Using food as medicine whilst recognising that our relationships to food, nourishment and our body directly affects digestion, assimilation and utilisation of nutrients.

Food has been my focus because it is where my journey began and my personal health struggles have revolved around a compromised digestive system.  My physical response and reactions to food, along with the psychological and emotional trauma I have had in my life around nutrition, gives me an acute awareness of the central impact of food, nutrition and our relationship to it on all areas of health.

A digestive system in complete disarray is something I have both personally experienced and treated extensively.  Whether suffering from bloating, gas, SIBO, GERD, dyspepsia, parasites, yeast, “IBS”, Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis and more, I have seen it all and treated a dizzyingly broad spectrum of GI distress.  I have both a personal and professional knowledge of the plethora of dietary and nutritional strategies used to treat and provide symptom-relief for such conditions.

I am also profoundly aware of the emotional and social context around food behaviours, habits and choices and have been through the experience of food dependencies, crazed nutritional behaviours and severe restrictions of food types, macronutrients and food in general.  I know what it is to feel tormented by food and the process of eating.  I also know that food is often more about what it represents and how we feel about ourselves than just about food itself.

I delight in affecting real change by addressing physical issues using Functional Medicine and Nutrition.  Using a dietarily agnostic approach I help my clients arrive at a diet which supports their reality and their issues – without excessive restrictiveness or fear-based avoidance protocols which last indefinitely.

However, given my history, my approach is somewhat unique – in that I know that food can be medicine, but it can also be a source of stress, distress and pain.  I know the tricks and techniques for drastically altering someone’s health through a gut treatment protocol and dietary shifts – but I also work closely with the psyche around foods themselves and body image issues that are often accompanying it.

My overall goal is to break the food meritocracy mentality in my clients – helping them to see no foods are intrinsically ‘good’ or ‘bad’ – regardless of the health conditions they are dealing with.  I focus on the fact that the fuel (food) is going into an engine (the body) and we have enormous impact on the receptivity of our engines to the fuel we take on board.

For a lot of my clients, eating has become a battleground.  My coaching and nutritional knowledge helps my clients foster a connection to their body and regain a deep trust in the signals it sends.  I help my clients to really uncover the truth around their difficulties with food (physical, psychologicalemotional or as a coping mechanism).  From this place, I work to release food issues, restore physical health through nourishing foods, and help my clients find their true nutritional freedom – a bespoke diet that is harmonised to them.

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