Nutrition – the Body’s Building Blocks

Discover YOUR perfect diet.

There is no one perfect diet – but there are a million diet books promising you that they hold the answer. The truth is that the perfect diet for you sometimes takes some work to find – because bodies are complex and unique. Our approach to nutrition aims to identify each individual’s healthy diet – based on what they really need – at this time, for their specific physiology and goals.


Dietary Protocols

Helping you find the right nutrition to reduce inflammation, sensitivity and reactivity, we empower our clients to move beyond very restrictive diets and truly heal.

Food Relationships

Uncover what contributes to the way you feel about food, eating, your digestive and immune wellbeing and learn how those feelings directly impact symptoms, digestion and health.

Physical Acceptance

Learn how to build a deep acceptance of your body and the food that fuels your wellbeing. We will support you to find true comfort in your body and your relationship with food.

Nutrition & Diet

The building blocks for Good Health.

Using food as medicine whilst recognising that our relationships to food, nourishment and our body directly affects digestion, assimilation and utilisation of nutrients.

At Victoria Fenton Healthcare, food and nutrition is one of our key areas of focus because we have witnessed through our years in practice that nutrition – and each individual’s relationship with food – is greatly indicative of overall health and wellbeing. As the gut is so foundational in wellness – the food we nourish ourselves with (and how we feel about it) plays a central role in all areas of health.

Whether suffering from bloating, gas, SIBO, GERD, dyspepsia, parasites, yeast, “IBS”, Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis and more, there is a dizzyingly broad spectrum of GI distresses – and a plethora of dietary and nutritional strategies purported to be able to treat and provide symptom-relief for these conditions.

But nutrition is more than just the food you eat – the emotional and social context around food behaviours, habits and choices can create dependencies, crazed nutritional behaviours and severe restrictions of food types, macronutrients and food in general.  This profoundly influences digestive symptoms and how much benefit you can reap from the food you eat.

Our approach to nutrition is somewhat unique. We DO NOT promote one specific diet, believing that perfect diets are as unique as the person consuming them. We also know that whilst food can be medicine, it can also be a source of stress, distress and pain – and that the reason behind that pain isn’t always straightforward. We do recommend dietary changes and gut treatment protocols, but we also deal with the psyche around food itself and the traumas (which may be nothing to do with eating) which influence our digestion and relationship with food.