Functional Medicine – The Foundation of Health

Relief for chronic illness, digestive, immune and hormonal issues with Functional Medicine.

Founded on a functional understanding of the way physical systems interact and influence wellbeing, energy, behaviours, thoughts, moods and symptoms. Using diagnostic testing, in-depth biochemical analysis and addressing the root causes of disease.


Integrated Systems Based Medicine

Functional Medicine principles are founded on an integrated and holistic understanding of multi-faceted and complex health issues.

State-of-the-Art Laboratory Testing

Leading UK & US laboratory tests provide comprehensive insights into the functioning of your body and the health of all systems.

Root Cause Resolution, Systemic Wellbeing

Focusing on root causes instead of symptoms, Functional Medicine addresses the heart of illnesses, providing holistic, systemic healing.

What Is Functional Medicine?

The Foundations of Good Health.

Understanding the systems of the body, how they interact and how to create health in all areas by using a root-cause resolution approach.

Functional Medicine is an approach to healthcare which recognises that the body is an integrated network of interlinked and constantly interacting systems.  Modern illness is more often chronic in nature, rather than due to trauma or infectious, communicable disease.  Modern healthcare, therefore, has to address the systemic nature of wellness by optimising the functioning and communication of all physical systems.

A Functional Medicine approach focuses on restoring health to the body by addressing the body and being as a whole.  This means we don’t aim to heal each symptom of illness with a targeted medication.  Instead, we work to identify the origin of symptoms by understanding the progression of dis-ease and addressing the root causes of systemic issues.  We intervene as far up the chain of symptoms as we can to have maximum, holistic benefit.

Using biochemical analysis and my comprehension of networked physiology, I use a Functional Medicine model to address even the most complex and multifaceted of health issues.  Combining comprehensive case histories with state-of-the-art diagnostic testing Functional Medicine can address a broad spectrum of conditions such as digestive disorders, nutritional deficiencies, thyroid dysfunction, hormonal imbalances, mental health concerns and immune issues – and much more…

Functional Medical protocols to address the biochemical and physical issues of my clients provide a fundamental foundation to my coaching and therapy.  Whilst the mindset and emotions can profoundly affect our body and our health, the physical body must be healthy to provide adequate nutrients and support to our brain and energy systems.  This bi-directional relationship is at the heart of my coaching and holistic practice – recognising that body and mind are working as one, both dependent on the resilience and strength of the other.

Functional Medicine does not and cannot replace emergency medicine and trauma care.  However, it does provide what I feel is the only truly holistic approach to overall human wellness.  Beyond medication and symptom-suppression, Functional Medicine allows me to explain, through the lens of scientific understanding, how our physical struggles, psychology and emotional processes interact and reinforce one another.  Functional protocols can provide real healing for our chronic and degenerative issues, as well as our energy levels, hormones, digestive system and immune health.  From a solid foundation of physical health, complete wellbeing can flourish.

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