Functional Medicine – the Physical Foundations

Understand what is really going on inside your body: biochemistry, gut function, hormones, toxicity, inflammation and more…

Medical diagnostic testing can reveal how your body is functioning – what it is missing, what might be causing physical distress – and can reveal the data which shows you how to make improvements to transform your wellbeing.


Integrated Systems-Based Medicine

Integrative and Functional Medicine principles are founded on an integrated and holistic understanding of how bodies are built of interconnected systems.

State-of-the-Art Laboratory Testing

Leading UK & US laboratory tests provide comprehensive insights into the functioning of your body and the health of all physical systems.

Root Cause Resolution, Systemic Wellbeing

Focusing on root causes instead of symptoms, Functional Medicine addresses the heart of illnesses, creating the healthy physical foundations for wellbeing.

What Is Functional Medicine?

The Foundations of Good Health.

Understanding the systems of the body, how they interact and how to create health in all areas by using a root-cause resolution approach.

Functional Medicine is an approach to healthcare which recognises that the body is an integrated network of interlinked and constantly interacting systems.  Most modern illnesses are chronic in nature, arising out of issues with how the body is interacting with the world around it. In addressing the systemic nature of illness – at Victoria Fenton Healthcare we work from the ground up – understanding the biochemistry behind the way each patient’s physiology is struggling.

A Functional Medicine approach focuses on restoring health to the body by addressing the body and being as a whole.  Rather than focusing on each symptom of illness we work to identify the origin of symptoms by understanding the progression of dis-ease. Then we intervene as far up the chain of symptoms as we can to have maximum, holistic benefit.

Because we are working with patients and systems, not symptoms, an Integrative or Functional Medicine model can address even the most complex and multifaceted of health issues – digestive disorders, nutritional deficiencies, thyroid dysfunction, hormonal imbalances, mental health concerns and immune issues – and much more…

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