Self Awareness – the Patterns That Drive You

Discover and understand why…

Identifying what is driving behaviours, physical illness and psychological states is essential to bring about true healing. From a place of self-awareness, health can be built on a deep trust of your body and in life.


Digging Deeper

Supportive coaching to help you confront the real issues behind symptoms and suffering, understand the role illness plays in your life and understand the drivers of your physiological wellbeing.

Break The Chains

Learn how to break habits and addictions – to substances, behaviours, thoughts and perceptions – liberating you from the fears, restrictions, doubt and insecurities which affect your capacity to be well.

Know Your Why

Understanding the real reasons behind physical states, mental perceptions and emotional feelings empowers you to truly understand yourself. Unlocking these truths opens you to real healing.

How Does Self Awareness Help Healing?

Understanding yourself and your relationship to your life…

How are you metabolising life, processing emotions, accepting and absorbing the world around you?  How are you comprehending and internalising your pain and distress?  How well are you handling aloneness and stillness, emptiness and quiet?  How are you when the stimulus stops and you stop running?  In short – how are you ‘doing life’?

Every element of how you deal with life in general directly affects and is reflected by your body’s functioning, or malfunctioning.  How you do one thing is how you do everything – and the way you deal with life permeates throughout all of your physical systems. And, perhaps the most fundamental consideration for our work: how safe you feel in life itself will be reflected by how hard your immune system feels it has to fight what comes towards you.  

However – this is not a case of lecturing yourself about stress, promising to meditate, committing to relaxation or getting better sleep. This is not criticising who you are or how you behave. Instead – as part of our health approach – we help our clients to understand the deep, inner ‘why’ behind their behaviours, patterns and programming. Often, this lies in experiences beyond our control – sometimes before even our conscious memories. But all of the inputs into our nervous system, brain, physiology and emotional realm can directly – and profoundly – influence our health, wellbeing and vitality.

Our role within Self-Awarness coaching is to guide the investigative journey into our clients’ hidden worlds of patterns, feelings, thoughts, history and fears. We are the detectives, the way-finders – but we also provide a safe support structure. We provide the space within which our clients can face into, understand and compassionately transmute the fears, patterns, locks and barriers within themselves which prevent them from accessing true wellbeing.

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