Self Awareness – Understand Your Inner Self

Discover yourself and understand your why…

Identifying what is driving behaviours, physical illness and psychological states is essential to effect any true healing. From a place of introspective self-awareness, health can be built on a deep trust of your body and in your life.


Digging Deeper

Supportive coaching to help you confront the heart of symptoms and suffering, understanding the role they play in your life, and what may have motivated their development.

Break The Chains

Breaking habits and addictions – to behaviours, thoughts and perceptions – liberating you from fears, restrictions, doubt and insecurities which overwhelmingly affect your life and your capacity to be well.

Know Yourself

To love and trust oneself you have to know who you really are. Fully comprehending how you function, accepting the core of what you identify as ‘you’, is vital to healing and embracing life.

How Does Self Awareness Help Healing?

Understanding your illness as your personal response to life.

Healing from chronic and debilitating illnesses or multiple digestive and immune sensitivities requires deep self-reflection to understand how to work with your personal responses and reactions to life to alleviate (perhaps even eradicate) your symptoms.

How are you metabolising life, processing emotions, accepting and absorbing the world around you?  How are you comprehending and internalising your pain and distress?  How well are you handling aloneness and stillness, emptiness and quiet?  How are you when the stimulus stops and you stop running?  In short – how are you ‘doing life’?

Every element of how you deal with life in general directly affects and is reflected by your body’s functioning, or malfunctioning.  How you do one thing is how you do everything – and the way you deal with life permeates throughout all of your physical systems.

For example, how you process life experiences may be directly mapped onto how well you digest and assimilate your food.  How you metabolise and process emotions or feelings may be mapped onto your detoxification, drainage and hormonal systems.  Hold onto grudges?  You may just hold onto toxins.  And how fearful you are about life may shift your posture, your musculature and structural tension causing systemic impacts on overall health.

And, perhaps the most fundamental consideration for my work: how safe you feel in life itself will be reflected by how hard your immune system feels it has to fight what comes towards you.  

This is why introspection to identify deep-seated feelings, fears, motivations and responses to life provides the essential information to find freedom: from tensions held, to immune system over-reactivity, to the stress that builds in the body which ultimately dysregulates systems, hormones, communication and overall function.

This is why and how I deal with immune issues and multiple food intolerances.  Yes, you can find symptom-relief using a diet based on restriction, but such relief is temporary and easily derailed by life’s normal events.  Avoidance is not cure, it is just avoidance – whether using dietary restrictions or avoiding life experiences in general because they are threatening.

Real healing requires truly understanding what inside us is fighting in the first place.  Rarely, if ever, is this just about genetics or a physical situation.  Often, if not always, this correlates with an emotional, psychological or spiritual fight.

My coaching in this area unravels your reality to help you identify where your fight originates from, helping you to realise where you have been vulnerable to the stresses that life has placed upon you and how you have responded – mentally, emotionally and, yes, physically.  How have you contracted against and away from life, and why?

This is not about blame or fault .  Instead this is identifying our responses, our default sensitivity to life and our openness to the world around us.  Then it is about taking responsibility for our reaction patterns and having the compassion to find more peaceful ways to live our lives.

My role within this picture, and as a health coach, is to act as the detective, guide and support structure to help you to face into, understand and compassionately change how you hold yourself within your response to life.  The specifics of the dis-ease, illness and symptoms contains the clues as to the source of suffering.  My training, professionally and in my own health journey, will assist and empower you to move through the journey of releasing yourself from the patterns of contraction, fear and reactivity.  Becoming self-aware is the first step to becoming at peace within yourself.

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