An overview of the services I can offer and the areas in which I specialise...

Services & Consultations

How can I help you on your health journey? See individual pages in the Service Menu for how I can help and the tools I use. Below are some of the areas in which I specialise:

Functional Diagnostics

If you have a digestive, immune, hormonal or physical issue I can help you to understand and investigate its cause. Full Functional Diagnostic Testing and consultations available, with written reports provided – on a one-off or packaged basis.

Nutritional Planning

If you have had a host of diagnoses with numerous conflicting diets recommended and don’t know who to trust or where to turn, I offer full and comprehensive nutritional guidance which helps us identify the unique dietary approach to suit you.

Health Coaching

Need support to find yourself, or find a way through your health struggles? I offer counselling and coaching, blended with physical protocols where needed, helping you find the mindset and coping strategies to handle your health and your life.

Body Image

If you struggle with your body or relationship to it, I offer counselling grounded in both science and a deep understanding of how to heal fractured physical relationships – whether due to aesthetics or health issues.

Disordered Eating

Relationships with food are complex and multifaceted. My expertise is in unraveling the layers of each client’s unique conflicts and helping them find nutritional freedom by identifying the real origins of food problems.

Health Journeys

If you are battling a complicated health issue and feel unsupported, lost, alone or confused, my counselling packages are designed to support you throughout your process, helping you to face emotions or fears which arise.

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