• Why Choose My Services?
  • How Do My Consultations Work?
  • Can I Just Do Some Tests?
  • What Does A Package Entail?
  • Do I Have To Do A Package With You?
  • Can You Heal Me?
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Why Choose My Services?

Why Me?

You can read all about my history and training on the About Page.  But beyond everything I’ve been through – why me?  I believe that I have so much experience of what all of this health journey does for the patients.  Having spent more time as a patient than as a clinician, I deeply know how underserved and poorly understood patients with chronic issues are.  I have always been deeply against injustice, judgement and lack of acceptance.  Therefore, beyond my skills and knowledge, I try to bring complete respect and honesty into my client relationships – moving you forward by helping you to find strength in your own health.

How Do My Consultations Work?

Virtual Consultations

Whilst I do run a clinic from Crowborough, East Sussex, in the last year I have transitioned such that the majority of my business operates virtually.  I therefore conduct Skype, FaceTime and Telephone consultations with extensive email support.  I also do some home visits to clients around the Kent/Sussex borders.  Please contact me if you would like to know more about this service.

Can I Just Do Some Tests?

Comprehensive Testing and Diagnostics

Sometimes clients know what tests they want and just want to start with information acquisition.  I fully understand that and am more than happy to order tests for clients, with or without an initial consultation.  I do insist on making sure that the test being requested is one that I feel is both appropriate and supportive to improving the clinical decisions, but am always happy to chat to you if you feel that testing is the place you want to start.

What Does A Package Entail?

My Promise To You

I typically offer packages for clients, (find the details here) because that enables me to give the perfect holistic support that I believe necessary to healing.  Digestive disorders and immune conditions take time and knowing that someone is in your corner – this is why my packages and monthly full-service support is often the level of service that my clients need.  My packages take you to the end point that you want for your health and include all of my expertise, so if you sign up with me you get all of my medical, counselling, psychology and self-worth expertise.

Do I Have To Do A Package With You?

One-Off Consultations

I know that some people just need nudging onto the right track with their health, or don’t have the finances to commit to a packaged plan.  My one-off consultations can be booked on an ad-hoc basis to provide the support you need – whether you are a first-time client, or someone I have seen previously who feels they need some more help at any time.

Can You Heal Me?

What I Really Offer

I believe that we all have something to offer every single person we come across in life.  My aim as a clinician is to provide exceptional service and give all of my advice and knowledge to everyone who seeks it from me.  That said, sometimes I am not the person with the keys for every person’s issues.  I am never afraid to end client relationships if they are not proving productive – refunding any ‘package’ costs un-used and typically with a referral to another professional I feel is better equipped to assist.

Professional Memberships and Insurance

Are You Insured?

Yes – I am fully insured to practice with Hiscox Professional Indemnity Insurance

PolicyBee professional insurance broker

Are You A Member of Any Institution?

How Can I Reach You?
+44 7815 967646

Need More Help?

If you’re still unsure, you have questions or you just want to check that I can definitely help in your situation, please reach out today.