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Victoria Fenton
Functional Medicine & Healthcare Consultant

Helping you find the reason behind – and the way through – your complex, chronic health conditions.
Specialising in multiple sensitivities, complex chronic illness, genetic conditions & the influence of neuro-psycho-social elements on biochemistry.

Functional Medicine

Functional diagnostic tests and treatment protocols to heal your body & enhance physical wellbeing.

Nutrition Coaching

Personalised nutrition guidance: for digestive disorders, sensitivities and emotional or psychological food issues.

Mindset Medicine

Shifting thought patterns and mental frameworks, directly improving how you approach health and life.

Self Awareness

Addressing inner feelings and sensitivities which drive symptoms, intolerances, behaviours and disease.

My Coaching Process

Functional Medicine – Nutrition Coaching – Healthcare Psychology

Addressing all elements of healthcare: from the biochemical and the physical to the emotional and psychological.

Functional Medicine

Tackling complex health issues using Functional Medicine diagnostic testing, biochemical evaluations and treatment protocols – I specialise in digestive disorders, immune dysregulation & genetics.


Nutrition Coaching

From digestive issues to hormonal or immune imbalance, multiple food intolerances to emotional & psychological issues with food, my coaching helps individuals navigate their nutritional landscape.


Healthcare Psychology

Shifting your mindset, reframing your perception and helping you to understand the ‘why’ behind symptoms and illnesses, developing self-awareness and self-compassion in the process.



Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine diagnostic testing and treatment protocols, addressing health from a biochemical and functional perspective.  I specialise in complex digestive disorders, multiple food intolerances/sensitivities and immune dysregulation.



Nutrition Coaching

Nutritional guidance and strategies for digestive disorders, immune conditions and emotional or psychological issues around food.  My coaching is balanced, researched, up-to-date and entirely empathic, whatever your nutritional dilemma.



Mindset Medicine

Unravelling the self-talk, mindset, perspectives and thought patterns which influence every element of wellness.  My coaching is designed to shift your mentality and transform the way you think about health, your body, nutrition and your life.




Complementing Mindset Medicine, my Self-Awareness Coaching addresses underlying feelings, fears and issues around our body, life, sensory overwhelm and sensitivities – looking at the deepest motivators of reactivity, illness and disease.


Health Coaching that covers both physiology and psychology.

My holistic perspective dovetails the science of the body with the integrated understanding of the role of perspective, self-awareness, sensitivities and emotional openness…

Listen to Your Body

With a history of health issues, listening to our own body can be difficult and scary. My coaching is about liberating you from ‘plans’ and walking you through how to hear your own body’s signals – teaching you how to trust them.

Self Awareness

My coaching is designed to empower you to discover your inner world and how you uniquely respond and react to life. Learning about your real self builds the compassion and respect required for health.

Nutritional Freedom

My coaching is designed to empower you with the self-awareness to understand how food works for you: addressing your relationship and response to food physically, psychologically and emotionally.

Understand Why

Interweaving insights into the nature of the body, genetics, physiology, emotions, psychology, social conditioning & life experiences I help to find the ‘why’ behind behaviours, addictions, fears & illness.

I believe that everyone deserves to feel safe and comfortable in their body and in their life.

Find out why by reading my own story…


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“I am truly grateful for your efforts and will be following your advice… You made me feel at ease after our consultation, something that no doctor has done!”

AT, London

“Thank you. It has helped having your vast knowledge and experience and overall support.”

MA, Woking

“I am always calmer after a missive from you – glad you sleuthed everything out!”

DK, London

“I have made a few good decisions recently, not least of which was having a call with you to talk through my test results. I feel liberated!”

SM, Portsmouth

“All of my IBS symptoms are gone. It took a while, but it was so worth it. Can’t believe that my stomach is flat again… AND that I can eat without pain.”

NN, Suffolk

“I didn’t realise how much my perspective affected my autoimmunity. Just feeling differently about things – lightening up on the diet and loving myself ‘harder'(!) – has drastically reduced my inflammation… Almost a miracle…!”

JF, Hertfordshire

“I feel like I’m part of the real world again, the inappropriate anxiety has reduced a great deal so I must say a big thanks to all the help & advice you have given me.”

KT, France

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